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Our Cocktails of the Week!
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Gin Bar Cocktails

Our ground-floor cocktails. Expect weekly changes to this menu

Classic Margarita

The GOAT - Freshly squeezed lime, Tequila, and Cointreau – shaken, not stirred and glass-rimmed with Maldon Sea Salt. Ask for it Spicy – it’s bloody amazing!!


French Blonde

This tasty delight is made with Elderberry syrup foraged from Crystal Palace Park, Lilet Blanc, Grapefruit Juice and St Germain and served in a coupe glass. It’s slightly sour and full of flavour


Basil Cucumber Gin Fizz

Sweet, savoury and just a perfect taste of spring (yeah, we know.). The ingredients are in the title!


Hibiscus Gin Sour

Made with our gorgeous Hibiscus Tea, gin, fresh squeezed lemon juice and Chambord. Award-winning grown hibiscus flowers are handpicked from around the Cycladic island of Paros during August each year. With a vibrant red colour in the cup, expect a fruity (cranberry) brew with notes of citrus, clean and bright, perfectly balanced with some earthiness and completely lacking in any astringency


Chamomile Gin Sour

Made with our gorgeous Chamomile Tea, gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice and Honey.
The Chamomile is comb-picked and dried by villagers using traditional methods during the last spring. Warming and smoothing. With a gentle floral sweetness.


Basement Cocktails


A foraged delight! Nettle Syrup from nettles foraged from Crystal Palace Park, Ardberg Wee Beastie Whisky, Lime juice, Simple Syrup and a bozzy cherry


Dirty Vodka Martini

To gin, or not to gin - that's the question. Personally, we prefer a dirty Martini with a quality wodka - It's smoother and, well, if you ask us, better. Obviously, we love discussing this with the gin martini crowd and of course, we are completely happy to make you one with the lesser liquid. WE probably won't even judge you. Well, not too badly, at least.


1940's Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is well, it's in the name. It's one of the oldest cocktails in history!


Rusty Nail




....and over 170 Whiskys

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